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A mother desperately searches for the killer who framed her son for a girl's horrific murder.

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original title: Mother

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imdb: 7.9

duration: 2h 9min

tags: She'll stop at nothing.

budget: $5,000,000

keywords: wading, bandage, bandageonforehead, brassiere, hill, killingananimal, attemptedfilicide, pantyhose, cement, televisionantenna, writing, deadbody, golfcourse, golfclub, golfball, elderlyman, rubbingone

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A mother lives quietly with her twenty-eight-year-old son, Do-joon, providing herbs and acupuncture to neighbors. One day, a girl is brutally murdered, and Do-joon is charged with the killing. Now, it's his mother's call whether to prove him innocent or to leave him imprisoned. A mother desperately searches for the killer who framed her son for a girl's horrific murder. Bong manages to capture some of the poignancy of motherhood in his film Mother, which concerns an elderly single mother (played by Hye-ja Kim) and her son Yoon Do-joon (played by Bin Won). Do-joon is mentally disabled, he has a low intelligence and seems to have problems with his memory. His mother is absolutely devoted to her son. Bong throws light on that extraordinary capacity of some women to totally subjugate their own lives to those of their children, who live for the pep that they get seeing often unappreciative family members troughing their way through their latest offering.

Do-joon is framed up fairly early on by the police for a murder that they can't really be bothered to investigate thoroughly. So mum is on the case, you'd better believe it! This involves for example bringing in drinks for all the members of the detective bureau on a visit to the precinct. There's a lot of tragedy in the movie, but it's offset by a comedy that is at times is almost outrageous in it's manipulativeness, Bong's really being directly provocative at times (though not in a salacious sense)! There's a grand surreal scene at one point where he convinces you that a very minor character is going to perform a deeply uncanny suicide, and then something totally banal happens instead. One of my favourite scenes is a scene on a golf course where a shot dollys across to some action taking place in sugar-white bunkers, which would not be out of place in a Fellini movie.

Bong was playing with my emotions throughout, he set up affiliations between me and other characters only to subvert them or rebuild them later, he builds scenes to emotional explosiveness just for the sake of it. The film leaves you emotionally confused at times, Bong's smashing all the buttons on the telephone, and so you don't really know what number is being dialled. The effect is deliberate.

Bottom line I think it's a celebration of motherhood, but it's not sugar-coated, it's really warts and all. Congratulations Mr Bong! I am going to try to review this film without giving away any spoilers. For those who've seen this film, they'll understand what I mean when I say this is going to be quite a challenge. So what I'll try to do here is just present to you the merits of the film and any draw backs I see. (I've just finished watching the film no less than 15 minutes ago and my mind is still bouncing around trying to get my head around it) There, that's the first compliment out of the way.

Korean cinema has always interested me ever since I saw JSA, and that interest then lead to me watching Oldboy, then the whole Park Chan Wook canon, then to I Saw the Devil, A Bittersweer Life, then Memories of Murder, then Barking Dogs... and then finally The Host. That was this morning, tonight I just finished Mother. Those movies are usually regarded as the best films made in Korea for this 'generation'. I fully agree with that sentiment. The ability to combine beautiful aesthetics with gripping story lines, excellent scripts, wonderful direction, whilst within all that being able to blend genres has amazed and bewildered me beyond imagination. In other words, Korean Cinema has both style AND substance. And this is exactly what makes Mother a masterpiece.

Firstly, the acting in it is superb. Hye-ja Kim plays the titular character as a mother setting out to prove her son's innocence. She encapsulates in this movie, and in this movie alone, the unconditional love that one mother has for her offspring and the pain felt when that son is taken away. The intensity of her reaction in one of the jail scenes left me speechless and for lack of a better word amazed. Bin Won plays the dim son who's accused of murder. Certainly in the first 20 minutes of the movie the show is all his, but then when he is locked and we see little glimpses of him. His character is well written and provides a great buffer for the Mother in her conquest for justice.

This multi-layered film is a very smart one. The director, Bong Joon Ho, is definitely one of THE directors at the moment, and I will go so far as to say he is one of the most talented and fresh directors cinema has ever seen. Wild claim, I know, but I'll justify it. (I'd do this comparatively with his other films, but this is, after all, written for 'Mother') In this film, the cinematography is beautiful, so beautiful in fact that if you were to pause the film in any given scene and you were to print that picture off it would come off as a work of art. The script is witty, wonderful, and has little bits of humour in them. In terms of direction, everything that you see on screen is meticulously planned out, everything that happens is planned out to a tee, yet this film gives off a sense of spontaneity that mystifies one's self. It makes you think, yet keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's intellectual yet posses traits of wild rampant action. It's a paradoxical film in terms of direction, I find anyways.

But enough with technicalities, is the content of film exciting? is it beautiful? Is it intense? Well, Yeah, and yes, and oh very much so tense. This is a thriller that has actually brought on my strange habit of nibbling my finger tips out of fear, excitement, and uncertainty in what will happen next. This is where the film revels in brilliance for not once does this film get boring, unlike this essay I seem to be writing, in its 2 hour length. Its seemingly natural progression in the world of slightly abstract events goes by like its really nothing. And that's a skill only Scorscese, Tarantino, and Anderson seem to pull off effortlessly.

This film is one in which you need to see for yourself, it's so good in fact, that I felt the need to share it with others. So I made this account and wrote this for you.(15 minutes, remember?) Korean cinema seems to have produced another great film so I look forward to seeing more and more of them. For if this is the standard for a Korean film, I know that I will and am going to be a lifelong fan. And I look forward to living my life. The fact that Mother keeps its balance is a tribute to the leading actress. A doting mother (Hye-ja Kim) of a mentally-challenged young man is devastated when son Yoon Do-joon (Won Bin) is arrested for the murder of a young girl, Moon Ah-jung (Hee-ra Mun), and tricked into signing a confession. Certain that her son is innocent, Mother begins her own investigation into Ah-Jung's background and the events that happened on the night of the murder. Mother was filmed from a screenplay co-written by South Korean screenwriters Park Eun-kyo and Bong Joon-ho (who also directed the movie). Mother worked as an herbalist in a store and performed illegal acupuncture treatments (she was not licensed) on the side. Her employer wanted Mother to lie to customers about the inferior quality herbs they imported from China. To force Mother into compliance, the employer reminded her of how her illegal acupuncture practice would reflect upon the business and upon her husband, some high-ranking official. "Deodeok root" is the root of the Codonopsis lanceolata plant, known in English as "bonnet bellflower." It is a popular ingredient in Korean cooking and can be found in various dishes, such as kimchi, vegetable salads, pancakes, etc. "Gugija" (Lycium species) is known under several English names, such as "Chinese matrimony vine", "wolfberries", and "goji berries." The red berries often make their way into soups, salads, and herbal teas. Mother contends that it's good for Do-joon's virility. Ah-jung's two boyfriends explain that she took photos with her "pervert" phone of everyone with whom she had sex, so it's reasonable to conclude that the junkman was one of her customers. This is best evidenced in the scene where the junkman explains how he came to be in the abandoned house. He is seen spreading a mat on the floor and measuring out the rice with which he intends to pay Ah-jung (aka "Rice Cake Girl"). One of Ah-jung's girlfriends had the skill to silence the sound of a cellphone when it took photos. Ah-jung used it to take photos of her sex partners. Several explanations have been offered, including that she was a single mother and very poor, but the most generally-accepted explanation is that Mother couldn't bear to live with Do-joon's retardation so she decided to take both of their lives. She chose to use an insecticide called Lone Star, but it was too weak and only made them sick for two days. Some viewers have entertained the possibility that it was the poison that actually caused Do-joon's brain damage. Since the film does not offer an explanation, it's up to each viewer to decide which scenario makes the most sense to them. Mother finally obtains Ah-jung's cellphone from Ah-jung's Granny (Gin-goo Kim). She takes it to the prison to show the photos to Do-joon who remembers seeing the junkman at the abandoned house where Ah-jung was killed. Mother recognizes him as the man from whom she bought the umbrella and goes out to see him. Posing as a volunteer worker for Hyeminwon, an organization that provides free medical checks for elderly people living alone, she gets the junkman talking about what he saw the night Ah-jung was killed. He describes how Ah-jung was being followed by a boy who accused her of not liking boys, so Ah-jung tossed a heavy rock at him. When Ah-jung calls the boy a "stupid retard", the boy threw the rock back at Ah-jung, hitting her in the head and killing her. The boy then carried the body to the roof and left it hanging over the ledge. Mother realizes that he's talking about her son and informs him that the police are going to re-open the investigation and release Do-joon in a few days. When the junkman describes how the boy did this weird thing with his thumbs on his temples and starts to phone the police about what he saw, Mother repeatedly hits him in the head with a large pipe wrench and burns down the house to cover the murder. Days later, Inspector Je-mun (Je-mun Yun) informs Mother that they have caught the killer, Crazy JP escaped from the sanitarium, and that they are going to release Do-joon because they found blood on JP's shirt that matched that of Ah-jung. JP has denied that he killed Ah-jung, claiming that she got a nosebleed on his shirt. Mother requests to meet JP and finds that he is a Down's Syndrome child. When she finds out that JP has no mother (to fight for him), she breaks down and cries. Do-joon is released from prison. On his way back, he meets Jin-tae in his new car and learns that the junk dealer's place burned down. Picking through the rubble, Do-joon finds Mother's acupuncture needle case. He later informs Mother that he thinks JP might have put Ah-jung's body on the roof so that someone would find her and get medical help for her, because she was bleeding. In the final scenes, Mother is going off on a "Thank You Parents" bus tour. Do-joon buys her some food to eat and returns her partially-burned acupuncture box. "How could you leave this lying around?" he asks Mother. Mother then hurriedly boards the bus. While the rest of the passengers dance in the aisle of the bus, Mother runs an acupuncture needle into her thigh and then starts to dance. Dancing in the aisles of tour buses was commonly seen on Korean tour buses up to a few years ago. Now. with stricter rules and sharper fines, it's not as common anymore. Several times during the film, Mother says that she knows of an acupuncture point on the thigh. She calls it "a meridian point that can loosen the knots in your heart and clear all the horrible memories from your mind." She did it to herself to erase the memories of her attempts to kill herself and Do-joon when he was young, her murder of the junkman, and her son's involvement in the killing of Ah-jung.The film does not provide a definitive answer, leaving the audience to ponder four possibilities: (1) Jin-tae (Goo Jin), (2) the junkman, (3) Do-joon, and (4) Crazy JP from the sanitarium. Jin-tae is ruled out early in the movie. The majority of viewers conclude that the junkman's version of the murder is the truthful one. This is actually evidenced when the police make Do-joon demonstrate the events using a dummy, and he clearly shows them how Ah-jung's head was hit with a rock and her body carried to the roof and placed over the ledge for someone to notice it and get medical attention. In the end, it is Ah-jung's blood on Crazy JP's shirt that the police find most suspicious.


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